Dining room centerpiece with fall stems

Fall is just around the corner and although I am certainly not letting go of summer yet, I am ready to switch out some of my decor. Starting with some of the stems in my vases. Also remember, a part of my job is to provide you decorating inspiration so I have to start early so you have time to get what you need for the upcoming season 😉

There are a few new additions to this space including the table runner, candlesticks and the wall sconces that I’ve hung on each side of the window. Speaking of wall sconces, I am going to give you a couple tips on how you can use them without hardwiring them.

How to use a wall sconce without hardwiring

The ones I purchased and linked above are meant to be hardwired for use but I have 2 solutions to still get light without doing so. The first option is to use a puck light and a plug such as these so you have something to attach the light to. The other option is to use a battery operated lightbulb.

I ordered both options and for these particular sconces the puck lights were the best option because the bulbs were too big. The bulbs did not fit in the sockets and may have even stuck out above the lamp shade.

I am in the process of ordering new curtains for this window. I like these ones but the large living room window next to it needs a couple more panels. Rather than doing them all the same I think I will go with something different on this window. Thinking I will just stick to my tried and true blackout curtains but rather than my typical color choice of sour cream I think I will go with brown linen shade.


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