Dining Room Spring Style | Board and Batten Reveal

The board and batten project in our breakfast nook area turned out out exactly as I hoped it would. It’s crazy how much interest it added to the space. A couple other changes that really helped too was adding a new rug and designing the console table/coffee bar, I love the pops of black in here.

Board + Batten Details and Step by Step Process:

For the board and batten I used primed mdf boards. The vertical boards are 1×3 and the horizontal boards are 1×4. I ended up replacing the baseboard trim and trim around the door with these same boards to give a more modern feel. I will lay out the steps below.

  • The first thing I did (after removing the baseboards, which you do not have to do it you want to keep what you already have) was figure out spacing. I went with 21″ between boards and a height of 48.5″ (not including the height of the baseboard and top board).
  • I then attached and new baseboards around the room and the top board making sure it was level. I cut the vertical boards to fit between the two horizontal boards and then attached them to the walls using a nail gun.
  • Once all the boards were attached to the wall I used caulk on every single seam and wood filler on the flat surfaces where the boards connect.
  • I sanded where the wood filler was used to create a smooth and ideally seamless finish.
  • Final step was painting – I used Benjamin Moore Natural Cream on the board and batten, the white on the walls is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

I hope this tutorial finds you well. I shared another blog post outlining the board and batten process in another area of our home, that one might have more details if you want to check it out here: https://chronicleinthepines.com/diy-board-and-batten-accent-wall/


Recent Home Finds for the Kitchen

I loooove everything I added to this image and if I don’t own it already then it’s in my shopping cart. Many items on sale too! I put this together as I was working on a project in the breakfast nook area of our kitchen. I am adding board and batten to the lower half of the walls and going to hold off on the built-in cabinet project for the coffee bar. We have some other things that are higher on the priority list for a larger project like that, such as the entertainment center in the living room, so I am coming up with a new plan in the meantime.

Here is an image I put together of what I had in mind for the wall with the console table currently.

I am debating between the mirror, a couple frames or shelving to go on the wall here. This is also the same console table we already have in white but I think I like the black better so I would paint our current one. These are the wall sconces I have pictured, currently under $50 for 2! I am really hoping to get started on this project this weekend so hopefully I will have more to share this week! I plan on sharing the full process with more details over on my Instagram as well so come follow along!


Easy Bathroom Refresh with a Cost Breakdown



The changes I made to the bathroom are pretty subtle and simple but my overall goal was to make the bathroom feel a little cozier and that’s exactly what I achieved. Before it was all white, and it wasn’t bad, but certainly not very cozy. Eventually I would like to give this bathroom a proper renovation but there are many other large projects that are higher on the priority list so this mini facelift will do for now.

Changes made and the cost breakdown

Paint: I didn’t spend anything here because I already had both colors I used on hand. I painted the bead board Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and the mirror Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.

Hardware: I was planning on spray painting the cabinet knobs black but they were in pretty poor condition so I ended up ordering new ones from Amazon here and spent $27 for a 10 pack. I also ordered shower ring hooks here for $10. The last thing I ordered were new towel hooks here and spent $20 for 4. I was able to spray paint the towel bar, curtain rod, 2 knobs on the cabinet behind the toilet and the toilet paper dispenser. We have lots of spray paint on hand so I didn’t buy a new can.

Accessories: Our old shower curtain and liner both needed to be replaced so I ordered this liner here for $7 and this shower curtain here from pottery barn that was on sale for $43 at the time! I got a new hand towel that was $10 and the rug was $30 at the time I ordered it.

Total: $147

I still have a little touching up to do with the paint (which might be obvious from some of the pictures) mostly because there is caulking that isn’t paintable all over from the previous owners so I have to go back and find a way to straighten out some of the lines. In the end I am happy with the results and ready to tackle the next project which will likely be much bigger than this one! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!