Breakfast Nook Sideboard decorated for Christmas

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The other night I finally pulled out some of my Christmas totes. I started with this console table and kept it simple. I might still add a little greenery around the mirror. These grapevine trees are older, I had purchased them from hobby lobby. I found very similar ones from Target and a bonus is these ones light up! I can’t wait to continue getting our house decorated for Christmas.

Grapevine trees

I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby many years ago and still love them. I found similar ones from Target that light up in 2 sizes. (medium, large)

I also found similar ones from Michaels that come in 3 sizes.
(small, medium, large)

Mini Wreaths

I love decorating with mini wreaths. I find places all over the house to add them. It’s the perfect touch of greenery.


My goodness stuff like this is selling out quick again this year. The ones pictured are currently still in stock and only $5 per stem! The ones in the photo are here and currently out of stock but keep checking, this kind of stuff tends to come back every now and then.

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