Pottery Barn Christmas Decor Roundup

Aww the Holiday catalog from Pottery Barn gets me excited each year. I love looking at the spaces they’ve created, they always feel so cozy and festive. There are a few new pieces I am adding to my collection this year. I would have purchased all 3 sizes of the black deer in the image below but the medium and large sizes aren’t available for shipping. The small one was available so I got that to add to the shelves of the entertainment center. I also keep stalking their website to see if they become available for shipping!

Sculpted Reindeer

These are so pretty and if I don’t end up getting the full set this year I will definitely plan early for next year and order them as soon as they’re available to be shipped!

small | medium | large

Vase + Stems

Recently I added the medium sized Joshua vase to my collection and it’s gorgeous. It’s a pretty big vase! I have this lighted branch in my cart but can’t decide if I can pull the trigger on it or not. It’s beautiful and something I’d use year after year but it is kind of spendy so we will see.

Vase | Lighted Branch

Cedar Twig Garland

This comes in a set of 2 and I plan on using this on the new entertainment center we built in the living room. I think it’s supposed to be delivered next week. I can’t wait to style it!

Cedar Garland

Another item I am considering is a tree collar. I can’t decide if I should order an inexpensive one from Amazon or Target or get this one from Pottery Barn here. As I’m typing this I remember my reason for wanting to get this one. Most of those I found elsewhere are just an inch or two too small. I guess I better order it right away 😉

Once everything has arrived and I’ve styled it I will follow up with another blog post to share that.

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