Nursery Bookshelves: Winter 2020

I’ll always remember when the bookshelves in Everett’s room were first hung. It made his room really truly feel like a nursery and a sweet little baby, OUR baby was here. It was the most surreal feeling and even Wes felt the same way when he first saw the shelves with Everett’s books on them.

It’s been fun to switch out the books on these shelves depending on the time of year. Since it’s February we have a mix of everyday and winter themed books. Valentine’s Day is also tomorrow so I will have to see if he has some pink or any more love themed books, which I am sure he does!

d e t a i l s :
Shelves | Deer | Hamper Basket
b o o k s :
AB to Jay-Z | Bunny Roo I Love You | The Day the Crayons Quit |
My ABC of God Loves Me | My Dad is Amazing | Secrets of Winter |
First Words | Itsy Bitsy Spider

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