Friday Favorites: Skincare

I am starting a new Friday Favorites series! Each Friday I will choose a topic and share my favorite things that I use and love. I am starting the series off by talking about my skincare routine.

Origins Charcoal Mask | I have been using this face mask for a long time now. I apply this product about once a week and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and refreshed.

Burts Bees Eye Makeup Remover Pads | I very much dislike the process of removing eye makeup and these make it so much easier. I will use these whether I am home or traveling, they are very convenient. I use make up remover wipes when I travel but when I am home I prefer using a face wash rather than the cloths, I feel like it leaves my face feeling cleaner.

Dr. Brandt Exfoliating Scrub | This microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator is so good. I only use it occasionally or when I feel my skin really needs it so the one bottle has lasted me quite some time. This especially comes in handy during the dry winter months by removing dead, dry skin cells. My face is extremely soft and smooth after using, I highly recommend.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream | I have been using this moisturizer for a couple years now. It’s hydrating but not oily at all. It’s also inexpensive so a win all around.

Tula Eye Balm | My good friend got this for me shortly after I had Everett and I can not imagine life without it now. It’s been one of my favorite skincare items and I use it daily, sometimes even twice a day. I apply this right after my moisturizer. I just ordered the Rose Glow and I’m super excited to try that one as well.

Aveeno Face Wash | This is the daily face wash I’ve been using. To be honest it’s nothing special but I have no complaints, been working just fine for me.

Burts Bees Lip Balm | I am obsessed with this stuff. I keep one everywhere including my purse, vehicle, coffee table, jackets, nightstand, etc. My husband also loves this chapstick and we go through a lot of them each year.

Tula Overnight Repair Treatment | I just ordered this and I can not wait to get it! I’ve heard a lot of really great things and I am looking forward to trying it out for myself. I will report back with my review once I’ve been able to use it for a week or two.

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