Mantle and Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

I just love all the added greenery this time of year, it’s so pretty and one of my favorites elements of Christmas decor. As I am looking at these photos I realize I still need to order Cullen’s personalized stocking, I better get on that right away!

I have limited time to work on blog posts and most of that being before the kids wake up or late at night before going to bed. I love the mornings when I can sit in peace, enjoy my coffee and blog away. That’s how this morning started. Cullen woke up (for the 3rd time) at 5:30ish so I fed him and decided to get up after he went back to sleep so I could do this for myself because I really enjoy it – just wish I had more time to put into it. Usually I start blog posts and it’s days later until I am able to post them, but that’s ok! Anyway, thank you for being here and supporting me on this blogging journey that is most certainly one of my favorite hobbies. Also, holy buckets, I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, hopefully celebrating with your loved ones.




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