Built-in kitchen Desk Makeover



We’ve been in this house now just under a year and finally got rid of that small tv that was there for the security system when we moved in. Gotta love the classic before photo showcasing an absolute disaster, hah. I am sooo glad this is no longer a junk station. Small changes like this can make all the difference. There is still so much I want to do to this kitchen space. Who knows, maybe this desk space won’t even be here during the next phase but one thing that will change are these countertops! I can’t wait to get them replaced someday. It’s funny how one project leads to another and that’s why we’ve put it off this long. If we get new countertops, that would be a good time to get a new kitchen sink, dishwasher and island. Which would mean removing the peninsula and since these hardwood floors don’t continue under there we’d have to figure out the flooring situation so, there’s a lot to figure out but we will get there someday! In the meantime I will enjoy smaller projects like this that still contribute to making the space better than it was before. Happy Friday!


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