Target Deal Days and Amazon Prime Days

I figured I would put a blog post together with all of my finds and collages from the Amazon Prime Days and Target Deal Days. There are so many sales going on right now that it is a little overwhelming! Hopefully what I share can help you narrow down the top finds in the home decor categories. I also want to mention that many things are selling out fast but they also come back in stock. There have been many things I shared one morning, they were sold out by the evening, and the following morning they were back. So my advice, if you have something you love but it’s not available, add it to your cart and keep checking for a restock and hopefully you get lucky!

Target Deal Days Favorites

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Amazon Prime Days

I created a separate Amazon Prime day folder on my Amazon storefront where I shared all my favorite finds including everything in the image below. To show the post go to my Amazon storefront.

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