Primary Bedroom Reveal

The soft linen duvet cover and the plaid curtains (similar option here) are a couple of my favorite items in this space. I love all the neutrals while still having a pop of dark through the rug, dresser and nightstands. I do plan on replacing these nightstands sometime soon. I’ve had them for a long time and we could use something a little bigger and more sturdy.

We have a small TV in our room which doesn’t get used a ton but is still nice to have. I would love to find a creative way to hide it so it’s not just sitting on top of the dresser. I moved it for these photos 😉 and it really does look so much nicer without it.

I’ve shared this space before but I don’t think I’ve included the other side of the room with the dresser yet. This is a pretty small room but as I’ve mentioned before we do have the option to make it bigger some day. I’m still hoping that day is sooner than later!

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