Playing in the Leaves + Kids Fall Clothes

Everett had so much fun in our own backyard playing in the leaves for the first time. Last year he would have just been 6 months old so it was fun to see him experience something new. I think his favorite part was helping me pick apples from the apple tree. He would wait for me to pick one and hand it to him, then he’d run over to the bowl and throw it in there, it was pretty cute. I think I will try to share a new recipe sometime this week just in time to do some baking over the weekend. 🙂

I had this blog post ready to go last week and then when I went to publish it everything I wrote earlier that day was gone and there was no way to recover it, I even tried contacting wordpress help center. Oh well, I am back and excited to share this post with you, especially if you are looking for some cute kids clothing for Fall (see below!)


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