Living room decorated for Christmas

This is probably the first time I’ve actually felt excited about sharing our living room. This space is one that needed a lot of work. By that I am not only referring to bigger projects like the entertainment center build but small ones too, such as the styling and decor. This fall/winter we finally put a little more into this space I’m so so happy! The first thing I replaced was our coffee table. I invested in this gorgeous round one from pottery barn a few months ago and I have been very happy with my decision.

This fall I participated in the one room challenge which is where we really saw the transformation come alive. I designed a simple, yet modern, built in entertainment center with storage, open shelving and a fireplace. I was prepared to do the work but my amazing father stepped in and took on most of the project while I provided the designs. I’m so unbelievably thankful for his help!! The project was completed just in time to decorate our living room for Christmas! I will create another post on this build sometime soon.

These beautiful swivel barrel chairs were the other addition that helped this space feel complete, for now 😉 Our old brown couch that I don’t love is still here but all these other upgrades make me dislike it so much less! It feels cohesive and cozy in here so phase 1 is complete. I know someday we will be able to replace this couch but until then.. thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!

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