Kids Halloween Bookshelves and an Easy DIY

I had so much fun putting this year’s Halloween bookshelves together. I did the bats last year too and had to do it again, they add such a fun and festive touch and I knew my son would love them. He’s almost 2 1/2 so I am really excited for all the holidays this year. I’ve already had fun getting him into the Halloween spirit and he’s loving it too. I better start thinking about what costumes to get the boys this year.


I wanted to add a sign or banner to tie it all together so I ended up making one! It was soooo easy, I just used supplies I already had on hand. I started by grabbing a piece of black cardstock paper and free handed the letters. I used an exacto knife to carve out the centers. I then found a few different yarn and ribbon options I had on hand and made little tassels with those for the ends. I just cut them into strips and tied the bunch together right in the middle with another piece of ribbon. I added holes to the letters so I could thread some twine through them and tied the tassels on to each end. I wish I had more ribbon in order to make more of a dramatic look but still happy with how it turned out and it didn’t cost me anything!


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