Kids Bedroom Design | The Best Light Blocking Curtains

We finally replaced the curtains in Everett’s room and I am so happy with the results. These curtains are amazing by the way and I highly recommend them. They are light blocking and drape very nicely. I went with the 95″ length and hung them higher on the wall, this helps give the illusion of taller ceilings and helps the space feel a little bigger, which is much needed in this small bedroom. Everett’s room will definitely not be the only place I end up hanging these curtains in!

I shared this image on my Instagram (check out the post to see the before photo) where I am starting a new series called “Interior Design in the Pines”. Each Thursday I will plan on sharing something home/decor related and I am super excited to share more on this topic with everyone. Home design is something I truly enjoy plus, the timing couldn’t be better with fall + the holiday season ahead, YAY!

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