How to style: coffee table books

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Coffee table books are one of my favorite things to decorate with. I love stacking them and placing a bowl, candle or decorative object on top. I have two little tricks when it comes to these books:

1. Take a look under the cover! For example the Abode book has a really pretty neutral linen book underneath. You can see it pictured above. This is also true for any book around the house. We had a bunch of random books in storage and I found quite a few with nice plain books under the sleeves which I now use for decor around the house.

2. I don’t just want to buy these books for looks. In order to make sure I actually flip through them I keep at least one on the coffee table for easy access. I then rotate that out with a different one once I’ve finished.

I know these aren’t earth shattering tips but a couple things that have worked well for me!

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