Everett’s First Birthday

I can’t believe we have a one year old! Wow that year absolutely flew by. Everett is such a joy and the absolute sweetest baby. His big smile will light up any room and we are just so beyond thankful to be this little man’s mama and dada. When I envisioned Everett’s first birthday it did not include a global pandemic which certainly changed the way we would celebrate this first big milestone. Although it wasn’t the party I thought I’d be planning we still made it special for him and had a great time! I ordered a fraction of the party supplies I originally would have. The color I had in mind was not supposed to look like a rose/pink color ha! Even the icing.. it was supposed to be brown but oh well! I was really curious to see how Everett would respond to the smash cake but he didn’t get too into it. I’m sure it didn’t help it was about bed time when we presented him with the cake but at the same I didn’t mind because it made clean up a breeze. 🙂

d e t a i l s :
high chair | birthday garland sign | birthday cake topper

Sharing some of Everett’s first birthday gifts above. Funny story with the fire pit; when the package arrived I open it up and exclaimed “oh my gosh Everett’s been wanting this!” and my sister replies “You mean *you’ve* been wanting this?” ha! It’s true tho, I think this fire pit is so cute and I can imagine all the fun Everett will have around this play fire whether he’s “camping” or just looking to roast some mallows. Very appropriate this gift would come from Everett’s very outdoorsy + adventure loving auntie, uncle and newest little cousin (thanks guys!)

d e t a i l s :
romper outfit | toy camera | bib | ramp racer (also found here) | fabric bin | chair | fire pit

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