Coffee Table Decor for Fall 2 Ways

I styled my coffee table for fall in 2 different ways. They are very similar with the biggest change being the vase and the stems but the impact feels much greater than that. I think with our dark couch (that I’m still anxious to replace!) I prefer the white ceramic vase with the lighter stems, in this space anyways.

Version 1:

These dried eucalyptus stems are gorgeous and I currently have them in our bedroom (see this post for how to add subtle touches of fall to a bedroom). I am only using one bunch in this vase and they’re only $15. That’s not bad at all for brining in some warm fall colors.

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Version 2:

In this version I opted for the lighter vase and stems and I really like how this made the room feel. These are also dried stems and I am using 2 bunches in this vase. These ones are $12.99 each, so still not too bad for a floral arrangement. This black accent stool is one my newest and I love it in here! I talked about my love for accent stools and rounded up the ones I have, along with a few ways to use them, in this blog post.

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I can’t believe it’s already Thursday today, this week is flying by! I started the week with a couple days off to spend time with my sister and her family. They made the trip home from MT and stayed with us for a few days, it was so wonderful! Anyways, hope you were able to find some inspiration for decorating your coffee table in this post. 🙂

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