Bathroom Refresh Decor


prints | stems | vase | baskets | candle | room spray |
shelf | hooks | rug | stool


frame | towel | plant | basket | shelf | hooks | candle | plant

The second image contains items I ordered to add the final touches to the half bathroom on our main floor, I really wanted to go the direction of the first image but we already have black hardware and fixtures in there so I wanted to continue to compliment those items. I love how everything in that first image came together so much that I might just have to work on remodeling and decorating our basement bathroom! I will share the half bath once I’ve received everything. I also really wish I had some good before photos of that space because it was pretty bad when we moved in and my father in law’s handy work in there made a huge difference! I hope this provides some inspiration if you’re looking to refresh a bathroom in your own home 🙂

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  1. Julia Hess wrote:

    Ohh these are such great ideas! I love both styles and how different they are. I am definitely loving the second one with all the plants.

    Posted 4.21.21 Reply