Dining room | favorite greenery to bring life to a space

Adding some greenery to a room is always a good idea, one of my favorites is this olive tree (currently on sale!!) I have pictured. It’s a really nice size and perfect tree for any given room; it looked great in the living room, our bedroom and now here in the breakfast nook of the kitchen. I actually purchased some spanish moss to go in the pot, which I’ve had for sooo long and completely forgot about so I will have to get that added.

Here are some more faux trees I love:


Kids bedroom decor | styling a dresser

I am finally happy with the way Everett’s dresser is styled! The big game changer was adding some greenery, that’s always the answer for any given room, in my opinion. This weekend I am hoping we can get some projects started around the house. I have a few smaller painting projects but also some bigger, fun things coming up too and I can’t wait to share more. I think one of the first ones we will tackle is adding some more cabinetry to the breakfast nook area of our kitchen and creating a coffee bar over there. I have a vision in my head so we just have to figure out how to make it come to life! Hope you had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Spring decor finds at Target

I have not yet started decorating for spring. I feel like I’m in kind of a slump with my decor right now and seeing these new arrivals at target is motivating me to get going. January is a weird month when it comes to decorating my home. Anything really Christmasy has been put away but I still have some random things around and I never really know what to do next until I bring out all the spring stuff. But January in MN is anything but springlike so I usually hold off until February. However, it’s not too early to start thinking about what I might like to do or order, so I’ll share a few collages of items I’m looking at throughout the week. 🙂

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