Valentine’s Day Baskets + Treat Bags

I had previously shared my inspiration boards for Valentine’s Day and now that everything has arrived I am showing you how I put everything together. I have Everett’s Valentine’s Day basket as well as some treat bags for his class at daycare. I had ordered this white basket in the smaller size initially (holding the treat bags) but the book didn’t fit so over the weekend I made a trip to Target to pick up the larger size. This basket will also be perfect for Everett’s Easter basket.


large basket | small basket | little blue truck book | pajamas |
yeti kids cup | snack cup | treat bags | pink ribbon |
gold twine | embossing labeler (also here)

Entryway Design Inspo

Moving in to a new house takes a long time to get settled, at least for me it does. Part of this is because our new house is about twice as big as our old house so that’s a lot of new furniture and artwork to add. I am trying to make mindful purchases to assure I still love the pieces many years to come. It’s also overwhelming to think of all the spaces that still need to be designed, deciding exactly how I want to decorate and then ordering everything. So, I’ve decided it might be best to focus on one or two spaces at a time so I can finally have some areas that feel completed in this house.

I put together a mood board for each space so I can see how everything comes together. I will continue to share these with you along the way and of course, once I’ve got everything together I will be looking forward to sharing the end results! Thank you for following along 🙂


round table | vase | flowers | bowl | candle | storage cube

Valentine’s Day Fun + Baskets for Kids

I love all the seasonal items that come out each year and now that Everett is getting a little older I look forward to making all these smaller holidays memorable for him. These items above would be perfect for some Valentine’s fun in the kitchen and kids would enjoy it too.


I also ordered up some things to put together a little Valentine’s Day basket for Everett, most of what I ordered is pictured above but I will be sure to share how I style it once I’ve received everything!