Toys For a 1 Year Old

Everett will be 1 in just a few weeks and I can’t believe it! With his first birthday coming up I’ve been searching for some gift ideas and found some toys that I think he will love. I have been drawn to more of the wooden and Montessori inspired toys. Montessori Toys stimulate learning by encouraging kids to experiment. This may include a toy that is made from natural materials, free of loud distractions, and mimic real life. Now this does not mean I am against any toys that fall out of this category but these are the ones I am most focused on at this time.

d e t a i l s :
Bulldozer Truck | Rainbow | Camera | Rattle Push Toy | Skwish Ball |
Shapes/Numbers Puzzle | Square Shape Puzzle | Triangle Clutching Toy | Pull Train

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