Living Room Shelves and New Picture Frames

I change out the decor on these shelves each season and I just got the final look completed for Spring/Summer. These shelves are located in our living room on the main floor and kind of a focal point when someone walks in the door. I used a mix of old and new items, most are old but I found similar items to link below.

d e t a i l s :
shelf | gold starbusrt | print with black dots | small plant | white frame
aloe plant from trader joe’s (similar faux plant) | wooden frame | vase | gold orb

Also wanted to share my new picture frames I got for these photos and hung in the living room as well. I love them so much! I printed 11X14 photos for these and really like how they turned out. I’m thinking about painting our living room, the color of gray we have in here sometimes gives off a purple hue and I’m not vibing on it, especially the wall where these frames are hung. I have been obsessed with benjamin moore white dove and would likely go with that color in here if I did want to take on the task of painting. We’ve been doing some other projects around the house, which hopefully I will share soon, so I might as well keep it going!

Nursery Bookshelves: Winter 2020

Nursery Bookshelves: Winter 2020

I’ll always remember when the bookshelves in Everett’s room were first hung. It made his room really truly feel like a nursery and a sweet little baby, OUR baby was here. It was the most surreal feeling and even Wes felt the same way when he first saw the shelves with Everett’s books on them.

It’s been fun to switch out the books on these shelves depending on the time of year. Since it’s February we have a mix of everyday and winter themed books. Valentine’s Day is also tomorrow so I will have to see if he has some pink or any more love themed books, which I am sure he does!

d e t a i l s :
Shelves | Deer | Hamper Basket
b o o k s :
AB to Jay-Z | Bunny Roo I Love You | The Day the Crayons Quit |
My ABC of God Loves Me | My Dad is Amazing | Secrets of Winter |
First Words | Itsy Bitsy Spider