Kid’s Bedroom Desk Makeover

BEFORE: Unfortunately I do not have much for before photos, I really need to get better at that part. Here are a couple I found in my camera roll to give some sort of idea what it looked like before.


I just love what paint can do! This project was not too labor intensive and didn’t take too long to complete. I did give the wood a quick once over with a sanding block, I just did it by hand, nothing too crazy. And then I removed the drawers and handles. These handles aren’t necessarily my style but rather than replacing them at this point I just spray painted them black, so much better! I used my favorite go to paint color: Benjamin Moore White Dove and used a mini roller to paint as much as a could and a brush to get the edges. I ended up doing 3 coats but you could get away with less if you primed the wood before painting. I absolutely love the way it turned out and so happy to have one more project marked off the list!


lamp (similar here and here) | sound machine | humidifier | laundry basket |

Summer Bookshelves

It’s time to switch out the books on Everett’s bookshelves again for summer! I chose anything outdoorsy or involving fish and water. Everett loves climbing up his chair to see what’s on his bookshelves or look out the window. It’s pretty cute when he grabs a book then proceeds to look through it while sitting in his little chair. Happy Reading!

d e t a i l s :
top shelf: all aboard national parks | the old truck | where the wild things are |
walter the wiley walleye
middle shelf: bambi | the pout pout fish | a walk in the forest | my fishing adventure
bottom shelf: when I am big | special you | 10 little pirates | the rainbow fish

shelves | chair | camera | pom pom bin

Kids Room Bookshelves and Reading Nook

I try to switch out all or some of the books on Everett’s bookshelves each season. The newest addition to this space is the adorable plush chair that is just Everett’s size. His grandparents got him this chair for his birthday and we’ve absolutely loved it. I can see him spending a lot of time in this chair for many years to come. Everett loves flipping through his books so we are happy to have a cozy little reading nook in his room.

d e t a i l s :
chair | shelves | hamper | deer animal (regular size) | penguin animal | lamb animal | wooden toy

b o o k s :
top shelf: This Old Truck (cover removed) | I Love You as Big as the World |
You Are My Happy (cover removed) | Little Owl’s Colors
middle shelf: The Mitten (cover removed) | Little One, God Loves You | When I Am Big |
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (cover removed)
bottom shelf: A Walk in the Forest | Bunny Roo, I Love You | Guess How Much I Love You