Kid’s Bedroom Desk Makeover

BEFORE: Unfortunately I do not have much for before photos, I really need to get better at that part. Here are a couple I found in my camera roll to give some sort of idea what it looked like before.


I just love what paint can do! This project was not too labor intensive and didn’t take too long to complete. I did give the wood a quick once over with a sanding block, I just did it by hand, nothing too crazy. And then I removed the drawers and handles. These handles aren’t necessarily my style but rather than replacing them at this point I just spray painted them black, so much better! I used my favorite go to paint color: Benjamin Moore White Dove and used a mini roller to paint as much as a could and a brush to get the edges. I ended up doing 3 coats but you could get away with less if you primed the wood before painting. I absolutely love the way it turned out and so happy to have one more project marked off the list!


lamp (similar here and here) | sound machine | humidifier | laundry basket |

Kids Bookshelves for Fall + Halloween

It feels like I was just creating a new post with Everett’s spring and summer books and here we are already time to switch them out for fall and Halloween. I love seasonal decor so much and this time of year through Christmas is the absolute best. Everett only had a couple halloween books so I ordered him some new ones and can’t wait to read them with him. He loves reading books which it really fun. I carry him over to the bookshelves and he picks one out and then he will snuggle in to my lap while we read, it’s such a sweet moment. Everett loves turning the pages of the books so we don’t usually make it through the whole thing, he’s getting better tho!

I had ordered these bats (more here) from amazon with the intent of putting them on our garage door or living room but when they arrived they were much much smaller than I had anticipated. Turns out that ended up being alright because I love them used here around Everett’s bookshelves and they’re perfect for smaller areas.

On another note I can’t believe it’s been about 2.5 weeks since my last blog post, where does the time go! I am hoping to get back to regular posting with 3-5 blog posts each week. It’s time consuming and what I work on once Everett goes to bed at night but I love it so much. Thanks for stopping by!


Kids Bedroom Design | The Best Light Blocking Curtains

We finally replaced the curtains in Everett’s room and I am so happy with the results. These curtains are amazing by the way and I highly recommend them. They are light blocking and drape very nicely. I went with the 95″ length and hung them higher on the wall, this helps give the illusion of taller ceilings and helps the space feel a little bigger, which is much needed in this small bedroom. Everett’s room will definitely not be the only place I end up hanging these curtains in!

I shared this image on my Instagram (check out the post to see the before photo) where I am starting a new series called “Interior Design in the Pines”. Each Thursday I will plan on sharing something home/decor related and I am super excited to share more on this topic with everyone. Home design is something I truly enjoy plus, the timing couldn’t be better with fall + the holiday season ahead, YAY!