Bathroom Makeover Before and After


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing some photos from our half bathroom that is now complete. I am the worst at remembering to take before photos and the one I used is actually from an old listing of our house before the previous owners moved in. When we got here it was basically the same but with a layer of shiny peel and stick wallpaper that was supposed to look like faux marble. It was not good and probably part of the reason there aren’t any before photos because it was one of the first things I started ripping down.

We replaced most of the hardware including toilet paper holder, towel rack, faucet, drain plug and the vanity but kept the mirror and just painted it for now. My father in law worked on evening the walls, scraping the window and painting (we had so much help with this house from our families and we’re incredibly thankful for that!!).

I finally purchased some decor to finish things off, it’s simple and I am so happy with how it turned out! On another note, our entryway is so close to being finished so I am getting excited to finally share that space, and I did actually get some before photos this time. 🙂


frame | shelf | tall plant | candle | basket | room spray | similar small plant
hardware: toilet paper holder | hand towel holder | faucet | drain plug

Kid’s Bedroom Desk Makeover

BEFORE: Unfortunately I do not have much for before photos, I really need to get better at that part. Here are a couple I found in my camera roll to give some sort of idea what it looked like before.


I just love what paint can do! This project was not too labor intensive and didn’t take too long to complete. I did give the wood a quick once over with a sanding block, I just did it by hand, nothing too crazy. And then I removed the drawers and handles. These handles aren’t necessarily my style but rather than replacing them at this point I just spray painted them black, so much better! I used my favorite go to paint color: Benjamin Moore White Dove and used a mini roller to paint as much as a could and a brush to get the edges. I ended up doing 3 coats but you could get away with less if you primed the wood before painting. I absolutely love the way it turned out and so happy to have one more project marked off the list!


lamp (similar here and here) | sound machine | humidifier | laundry basket |

Small Kitchen Design With A Before & After



Removing the upper cabinet was a project Wes completed earlier this spring and we have absolutely loved it. The space feels so much bigger which is always important since our kitchen is pretty small to begin with. We still have some updates to make. We want new light fixtures throughout the entire kitchen and would even consider changing the location of lighting too. I’ve also recently contemplated painting the counter tops but we will see. I hope you enjoyed these before and after pics!