Baby Talk: Diaper Changing at 9 Months


Changing Pad | Really any foam changing pad is the way to go! I can’t stress enough how ideal it has been to have this type of changing pad. You’ll never have to worry about washing a dirty cover and cleaning/sanitizing is a breeze. I use these wipes to sanitize. Here are some options to consider:

Honest Overnight Diapers | When we made it to the point that we no longer *needed* to change Everett’s diaper in the middle of the night I realized the only problem was regular diapers weren’t able to hold enough to make it all the way through the night. Insert the Honest overnight diapers, we were so excited once Everett was big enough to fit into these, considering the smallest size is a 3. I have no complaints and consider these to be an essential item. I also use Honest diapers throughout the day and they’ve been excellent.

Diaper Bag | I love my diaper bag, it’s held up so well and has enough space for everything I need. It comes with a portable changing pad as well. I have the butterscotch color and it’s so pretty!

Water Wipes | Another item I can’t say enough good things about. When Everett was a newborn he got a bad diaper rash and our pediatrician recommended using water wipes. So we did and the results were amazing, worth every penny. If anything I would make sure to have some on hand in case your baby does end up with a sore bum you can switch to these while going through the healing process.

Diaper Cream Applicator | Perfect for applying diaper cream. I recommend getting the set including the travel size. I keep that one in the diaper bag and the regular one at home, much easier than transporting one everywhere you go. I’ve also been using this diaper cream and really like it.

I hope this information finds you well. As always please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Baby Talk: Feeding Essentials at 9 Months

Everett is just starting to eat more solids. We started with the typical baby food purees and had a tough time progressing, mostly due to Everett being sick with one thing after another. When he wasn’t feeling well he wasn’t interested in eating much outside of his bottles. He still didn’t seem too crazy interested in baby food so we’ve started to feed him more of what we are eating and he’s been enjoying that. We usually grab a pouch of pureed fruits or vegetables for him while we are on the go and he will do a good job eating about 1/3 or 1/2 of it at a time. Some of Everett’s favorite pouches are the following:

4moms High Chair | Currently on sale (almost $60 off!!) This high chair has been great for us. The tray is super easy to put on and take off with just one hand. It’s magnetic allowing it snap into place super easily. It was important to me that I found a high chair without fabric to make clean up a breeze and I accomplished that with this one.

Boon Snack Cup | I haven’t used these too much yet but I did test it out by filling one with puffs and shaking it, nothing came out so that is a win. Everett isn’t quite to the point where we would hand him a container like this for him to snack out of but I’m sure it won’t be too much longer and I have a feeling these snack cups will end up being perfect.

Bibs | Silicone bibs are easy to clean and practical when it comes to feeding. Another bonus is Everett enjoys chewing on the bib itself so it’s perfect for a teething baby.

Boon Sippy Cup | I am loving these so far! We recently started setting this sippy cup with a small amount of water on Everett’s high chair during meals and he got the hang of it right away. Also loves chewing on the silicone lids. These lids can actually be added to almost any cup and they are spill proof.

Comotomo bottles | I’ve talked about these before but still my absolute hands down favorite bottle! I am seeing now how beneficial the soft bottle is since Everett can hold the bottle on his own, makes it so much easier for him.

Bowls | This bowl is perfect for feeding and storing leftovers with the lid it comes with. Also has a bottom that suctions to the tray to help keep it in place.

Utensils | Loving these bamboo and silicone utensils. They are the perfect size for Everett to hold himself. Another product where the silicone tip is perfect for a teething baby.

ezpz Mat Plate | I don’t actually own this yet but it’s in my cart and I’ve heard good things about it. Everett just started eating more solid food other than pureed baby foods so I think this will be perfect for portioning his meals. Also love that the tray is designed to stay in place and easily portable for traveling.