Easter Fun for the Kitchen

I put this together last night and wanted to share right away since so many things seem to sell out quickly when it comes to seasonal or holiday items. I love that garland with the carrots and bunnies and think it will be fun to hang it above Everett’s kitchen set or maybe on his bookshelves. Either way I think he will really like it because of the bunnies.

I had ordered a couple of those white wire baskets which I shared in my Valentine’s post and wanted to order one more of the larger size for baby #2, even tho they won’t be here yet for Easter, I love the basket and wanted to have one for each of them. I will share what I end up putting together for Everett’s Easter basket as soon as I have everything but in the meantime go order your kids one of these super cute baskets before they sell out! (added a photo below of both baskets so you could see the size difference, I would recommend the larger one for kid’s baskets, that’s also the size I used in the Valentine’s post.)


garland | waffle maker | spatula | candle | towels |
sprinkles | plate | cookie cutters | candy mold | basket

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