Baby #2 On the Way!

FINALLY “officially” announcing our exciting news! Baby #2 is due early June and we are beyond thrilled. I was hoping to share much sooner but time just got away from us. I thought it would be fun to share some details leading up to this point.

I definitely had round the clock nausea that would come and go but I think it hit me harder this time around compared to my pregnancy with Everett. During this time nothing ever sounded good to eat, I would finally think of one thing that I felt I could stomach and then I needed that said thing, that doesn’t always work so well when we have very limited options where we live! I was also extremely tired, which is common for everyone, but it made it very difficult to pack things up and move to a new house when I constantly felt like crap with no energy. What a breath of fresh air it was when I entered the 2nd trimester and both of those symptoms went away!

I think I technically still have one week to go in the second trimester but for the most part this one has been pretty good to me! There was a short period where I started getting acid reflux, I remember getting it the first time too but this felt way too early to be getting it every day. I did some research and sooo many things can trigger it, all the good stuff ;). I started by cutting out the peppermint tea I was drinking in the afternoons and to my amazement it did the trick! I am sure it will be back in the third trimester as baby continues to grow but for now I was relieved to have a break from it.

I really haven’t had too much for cravings. One thing I’ve wanted more than I normally would is seafood/fish, which is kind of a surprising one for me. There was also one day where I ate 4 pickles haha. I actually feel like all cravings are due to your body telling you it needs something, who knows, that’s just my take!

I’ve been taking this prenatal vitamin and have really like them, no complaints. I still drink my one cup of coffee in the mornings, the recommendation is not to exceed 200mg of caffeine daily, so this also allows me to have one of my favorite teavana drinks in the afternoon as well. One more area I did a lot of research on is with my skincare routine but I am planning on creating a separate blog post on this topic alone. I will quick mention the oil and lotion I am using on my stomach/butt/hips area; this oil is amaaaaazing and I would recommend for someone pregnant or not. This lotion has also been nice and keeps my skin very hydrated.

Thanks for being here and if you have any additional questions please let me know!


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